Barclays Proof Of Address Tenancy Agreement

Open it from our home country. I went to Travelex and they were able to open an account at HSBC in the UK from New Zealand with my NZ address. Then, six weeks later, I was able to retrieve my card on HSBC Regent Street in London. Of course, this requires forward-looking planning and it is too late if you are already in Britain. In the UK, banks require an identity card and address as part of the process of opening a bank account. It is the same in many other countries around the world, and must help banks ensure that the open account is not linked to any illegal activity. As you can open an online account and choose how to verify your identity, this account is a good choice for customers who may not have the usual address documents required by Uk High Street banks. And because TransferWise`s unlimited accounts are regulated by the FCA – like Barclays – you`ll know your money is safe. During the application process, you must enter the usual personal data such as your name, address, phone number, etc. Some documents are also requested. If you currently live in the UK but pay taxes elsewhere, you need your foreign tax residence data and your tax identification number (s) (TINs). In addition, you must indicate all your addresses for the last 3 years with the current address in the UK. At the same time, you can request the default current account type.

It is possible to open a bank account without proving your address. For example, HSBC offers a useful service. If you have been asked to provide proof of address for opening a bank account, this means that you must provide your bank with proof of where you are currently. Your bank will provide you with a number of documents that you could use. B such as an electricity bill or driver`s license. As a general rule, you must provide an original document for verification. Ideally, you can also provide a document that defines your British address, for example. B a municipal tax or an electricity bill. If you find your company on the list (it`s a huge list, so take the time to search it), just ask your human resources department to write you a letter containing your information. Your word as proof is sufficient for the big banks (at least for the two I tried near central London). Of course, you also need your passport for proof of identity, but this should be the least of your problems if you managed to come to the UK:-) Some financial institutions allow accounts to be opened without any evidence of reflection.

And while proof of address may not be required from neo-banks and some traditional banks, you must still indicate an address to which the bank can send your documents and cards. While a British citizen and any foreign resident with a British residence address and mobile phone number can open an account in the Barclays app, some foreigners are limited to other options. To open a regular bank account in Barclays, you must provide an ID and a list 1 document that indicates that you have a recent RESIDENCE address in the UK: when I opened my bank account at Natwest, I did not need proof of address, as I used my Polish ID card and opened a special English polo account that was taken out of service two years later and I was relegated to something else. However, if you are currently homeless and want to get a bank account, you can do so.