Internship Agreement In Spanish

On the other hand, we have found the way to the internship agreement. In this case, the student is NOT an employee of the company. 1) If you expect to come to Spain in a few months and you are in no hurry to obtain your NIE number (even if you are applying for a student visa), you can apply for it at any Spanish diplomatic representation or consular office located in the applicant`s country of residence, depending on their place of residence. You may have to pay some taxes, even if the costs are not high. For non-EU nationals, it is obligatory to do so at the Spanish Consulate/Embassy before the visit. This is important, and you should have it in the early days of your placement, or even earlier. It`s easy to get. Just find the social security office closest to your new address (i.e. enter Google Maps: social seguridad near gracia). Go early in the morning, pick up a ticket and ask for your Social Security number. You will not speak English in 99% of cases, so if you do not speak a word of Spanish, I recommend you take in a document written „Necesito n`mero de la seguridad social“. They`ll do it for you. For non-EU nationals, you must do so directly at the police station as soon as you arrive or apply in your country of origin at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate while you receive the student visa.

Stud – Globe advises you to arrive at least 1 week before the start of your internship in order to process your NIE and rent an apartment. In the next section, the Stud-Globe team will advise you on how to receive your NIE document based on the destination. You will find an example of a training agreement on this link. Do you want to work with an internship contract in Spain? Would you like to extend your stay in the country while you have a student visa? In this article, you will find the solution: the residence permit for professional internships. We analyze in detail all the requirements you need to meet, how you can apply for it, and other tips that are useful to you. Whether you are studying or having a university degree, we ask you to obtain a training contract from your university or private university school. Without the training contract, unfortunately we cannot help you, since Spanish law requires trainees to put one on.