School Franchise Agreement Format

(1) Equipment. FRANCHISOR provides FRANCHISE specifications for menu items, dosing, storage and display devices, devices, furniture, exterior and interior panels, and the necessary decorations in the center. Specifications may include minimum standards of performance, warranty, design and appearance, as well as local shingles, characters and other restrictions. FRANCHISEE can purchase or rent original and replacement equipment, furniture, signs and decoration services that meet these specifications from any source. FRANCHISEE must purchase its initial equipment pack from our licensed supplier Childish Creations. If FRANCHISEE subsequently proposes to acquire a rented property or furniture, a device or sign that has not been approved as its specifications, FRANCHISEE FRANCHISOR and FRANCHISOR may first indicate that they must submit specifications, photos, drawings and/or other information and other information sufficient to determine whether such equipment, furniture, devices or panels are in compliance with their specifications. FRANCHISOR informs FRANCHISEE within ninety (90) days to find out if this object meets its specifications. Here are the basic agreements to include in your franchise agreement: FRANCHISE explicitly acknowledges that the use of other trade names is strictly prohibited when executing such transactions of this franchise, and that FRANCHISEE should not allow the trade name „Kids (R` Kids“ or a substantially similar style or spelling) to be used for other purposes, including, but not limited to the creation of businesses, partnerships, business associations or any form of business organization. If FRANCHISEE proposes to use products, supplies, equipment, equipment or furnishings in the center-site, or to purchase for the operation of the center site that are not accepted by FRANCHISOR, FRANCHISEE will first notify franchisor and seek the approval of FRANCHISOR, which is at franchiSOR`s sole discretion.

At franchiSOR`s request, FRANCHISOR provides sufficient information on this product, delivery or cross-shipment equipment and/or samples for cross-shipment examination. FRANCHISOR also has the right to require its representatives to verify the facilities of this supplier. FRANCHISOR notifies deductible within ninety (90) days of receipt or refusal. As a precondition for the acceptance of a new supplier, FRANCHISOR FRANCHISOR reimburses its costs related to such monitoring, verification or inspection. (6) In order to protect FRANCHISOR and its FRANCHISEES from illegal spoofing, unfair competition and the loss of trade secrets, all executives, shareholders, partners and employees have signed an employment and competition agreement in a form acceptable to FRANCHISOR, just as the franchises are different in terms of content, language and style. One thing they have in common is that franchise models contain „alliances“ that are the rights, obligations or promises that the franchisor owes to the franchisee and vice versa. (1) Execution of the franchise agreement. In addition to the execution and delivery of this franchised contract, FRANCHISE PAYS FRANCHISOR twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) or twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500) for additional deductibles). After such a payment by FRANCHISEE, this portion of the original deductible fee will not be refunded. For a licensing agreement, the licensee authorizes the purchaser to use his property for commercial or other reasons.

Licensing agreements also have their own specific terms of sale, but the content differs from that of franchise agreements. (5) FRANCHISEE at the beginning of the new maturity pays FRANCHISOR, 10 per cent (10%) deductible fee Franchise fees at the time for new deductibles; and FRANCHISEE agrees to pay at maturity all amounts that FRANCHISEE must pay under a provision of this franchise agreement or other agreement with FRANCHISOR or its related subsidiaries or subsidiaries, or under an agreement with another creditor or supplier of the centre.