Wix Toolset License Agreement Text

We still have a little debt to do. In the first review of the dialogue, we referred to a description of the option group and left it on hold. This is it. Note the replacement of properties in the text attribute, so that you can define the font, size and color of your texts: Optional text appears as lateral text, so that properties surrounded by hooks such as [ProductName] are not dissolved. If you need to include property values in the optional text, you need to plan a custom action to define the property. Example: There is a well-known problem with the rich text control that is used to display the text of the license file, which can lead to displaying the empty text until the user scrolls down into the control. This is usually caused by complex RTF content (z.B the RTF generated when recording an RTF file in Microsoft Word). If you have this behavior in your configuration user interface, it is corrected in most cases by one of the following bypasses: This license regulates the use of the accompanying software. If you use the software, accept this license.

If you do not accept the license, do not use the software. You can also specify the contract text directly here in the source file, but the previous solution seems much easier to wait for: If the license file field is used in the manfiest package, it is used for the license file.rtf, but I`m not sure how the file will automatically be converted to RTF. I`m also not sure how to handle the different RTF files. Should there be a prefabricated RTF file for each license built into the binary file? We end our source file with the properties— of our variables with their initialization values. Some are used as a short note for UI texts, they also need to be located. Watch out for the donor`s corner and tip characters: either you wrap the entire value in a CDATA wrapper, or you must use XML features for these delicate characters (compare ButtonText_Next and ButtonText_Back values): WixUIExtension.dll contains a default license agreement. To specify your product`s license, crush the default setting by specifying a WiX variable called WixUILicenseRtf with the value of an RTF file containing your license text. You can set the variable in your WiX license: (A) Copyright Grant- Subject to the terms of this license, including the terms of the license and restrictions of Section 3, each contributor grants you a non-exclusive, global and free copyright license to reproduce their contribution, prepare works derived from their contribution and distribute their contribution or any derivative work you have created. If the ,– license is not used as part of this implementation, the License File field is used in the Package Manifesto (Cargo.toml). With the exception of the existing file, a DEE file is used in the root directory of the package/project.